Gmail Sign Up - Step by Step!

Telecommunication is one of the most influential inventions in human history since it allows people to converse with one another without having to be in the front of one another. The term itself comes from the French word “télé”, which means at a distance, and “communication”; thus it is the act of communicating which is done from places that are distant from one another. Telecommunication itself comes in different forms. The oldest manner of communication might be in the form of letters. A person write and another one read it. After thousands of years, this way of telecommunicating has not died yet. Instead, it has developed into several different technologies that can be found today; furthermore, many people rely on it and seem to not be able to be away from it even if it is only for a day.

                  It is electronic mail, or e-mail for short, that has been helping people all over the world for more than two decades. This technology brings letters into a new stage where people do not need to wait for days or even weeks for their message to be sent to whom they address it to. With this online service, everyone can send instant mails anywhere, anytime, and the recipient can receive and read it anytime and anywhere as well. Not just messages in words, but everyone can also attach small files such as pictures, audio, and documents.

                  Today, there are several different e-mail service providers on the internet. Basically, all of them offer the same service, instant mailing, but each has their own features that others do not have. One of e-mail client providers that have a large number of users today is Gmail sign up from Google. Officially launched in 2007, this advertising-supported email service provider has the most users worldwide since 2012 with an estimation of 900 million users. It is also known as the pioneer of thread–like conversation and search engine-like interface which give the users a convenient e-mailing experience without having to move between one page and another. What is authentic about Gmail sign up is not just its unique interface, but also its features. Gmail sign up is packed up with features that are not commonly found in other e-mail client provider, or if there are, Gmail is the first one to present them

Benefits of a Gmail sign up

Gmail: Huge Storage

Everything digital are data; thus it means that all of them has a size that is measured in bytes. E-mails, even though they are simply texts, have size as well like text documents in our computer. Obviously, e-mail client providers have to accommodate their users with a certain amount of space in order to receive and store messages in their account. Thing that differs Gmail’s data storage space with that of other providers is the enormous size for storage they offer. Back then, it only offered one gigabyte (1GB) of e-mail data storage when it was launched for the first time. Time flies and competition with other popular e-mail services such as Yahoo! Mail and AOL have been tough. Today, first-time Gmail users are accommodated with free fifteen gigabytes (15GB), which works as the storage space for Google Drive files and Google+ uploaded Photos. As for the paid account, the users are granted up to thirty terabytes (30TB) for all of the three services’ storage.

Gmail: Inbox Tabs

As an addition to the interface, Gmail sign up updates its website with tabs for its inbox in 2013. These tabs automatically organize user’s received mails into five groups: primary, social, promotions, updates, and forums. The primary tab contains mails from personal e-mail accounts while non-personal ones are kept in the other tabs. Prior to this method to group different kind of mails, Gmail sign up already applied ‘labels’ to its service which worked as tags that can be customized by its users to organize their mail in a more sophisticated way.

Gmail: Spam Blocking

Like any other e-mail service providers, Gmail sign up allows its users to report any kind of mail as a spam. However, this feature works in a way that is a bit different than other providers. The spam filter option in Gmail helps its system to remember what kind of mails that are considered as spam and will automatically identify similar kind of mails as spam; not only for the user who reports it, but for all other users.

Gmail: Search bar

Like what was already mentioned before, the existence of search bar on the top of Gmail’s page interface gives a convenience to perform a specific search through all of user’s mails. This feature, however, does not only look up for words in mail folders that match with the search term, but also elements from other Google services, such as Google Calendar events, Google Drive files and Google contacts.

Gmail: Gmail Labs

Google is kind enough to let its Gmail users experience features or functions that are still in their beta stage. Google offers this privilege as a part of their research and development. As a part of it, users are also free to give any comments or feedback on Gmail’s experimental service. Many of these unofficially released services are fully implemented in the end; like a crucial function that has been released recently, the ‘undo’ button that allows users to un-send e-mails less than 30 seconds after they has been sent.

Gmail: Security Features

Everyone deserves privacy and Google understands that. With the development of digital technology that has been going really fast throughout these last two decades, come also various security dangers that target people’s personal data on the internet. Hackers and data thieves always try to find ways to trick internet security protocol and algorithm that websites have. This is why internet giants like Google are obliged to always perfect their encryption to protect users’ data. Like any other e-mail service provider, Gmail sign up also scan incoming mails (and its attachments) from virus; and if its system discovers one or more, it will clean the attachments when a user is opening it. For outgoing mails, it will prevent users from sending attachments that are contaminated with a virus. Although it seems usual, Gmail also has a few other authentic security methods.  

   In order to protect user accounts from being hijacked, Gmail sign up implements two-step verification when a user is logging in to his or her account. The first step is the conventional sign in process which asks users for their email ID and password. As a follow up, users have to input a certain key code which will be sent to their mobile number. This authentication method, of course, requires users to input their mobile number in the account settings.   

   In the case where a user’s account is showing strange activities, Gmail’s system will automatically lock the account for 24 hours. These strange activities include occasions which do not seem to be performed by a person, but rather a system; such as automatic log ins by browser extensions and third-party software or applications and receiving, deleting, or downloading certain amount of e-mails from POP3 or IMAP protocols, which means that the action is executed from portable devices like smart phones.

How to sign up for Gmail: Setting up a Gmail account

                  After taking a look at all of those features that are already mentioned before, some people might be intrigued to experience it themselves. In another case, people who are not satisfied with their former e-mail service provider or those who are new to e-mail usage might be considering to try Gmail. Before doing so, there are some steps that have to be done to get a Gmail account.
                  Today, all Google services only need a single account to access every feature that they have. This definitely includes Gmail services as well.  Gmail sign up process is simple and does not take a long time to finish. Simply type in the address bar in your computer’s browser and it will redirect you to Gmail’s home page. In the latest home page, Gmail sign up button is located on the top right corner next to the sign in button. After clicking the button, another page will appear with sign up form on it. The information that the form requires from you includes your name, the e-mail username (or ID) that you desire, password for your new account, your birthday, mobile number, location, and current e-mail address if you have any. Before advancing to the next step, you will need to enter a captcha code that is randomly generated and agree to Gmail’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
                  The next page that will appear after you press the ‘next step’ button in the bottom of the sign up form will ask you to provide a picture as your self-identification  for your Google account, but this is optional since you can always update it anytime. If you decide to skip it another page will appear; informing you that your account is already created. With these easy steps you have already succeed in creating your Gmail sign up xfaccount and ready to use all of its services. Of course, you can always customize your account by changing the settings.
                  Once you are signed in, you will discover other features apart from Gmail’s e-mail service. Maybe the apparent one is the chat box on the bottom left of your account’s page. It is indeed, a chat extension that allows you to have a conversation with those whom email addresses you commonly contact with. Since Google introduced Hangouts, an instant messenger application which was designed to accommodate Google+ with chat availability, Gmail offers you to exchange the original chat box with Hangouts. It enables you to have a video chat as well; however, Hangouts can only be used with other users with Google account. For those who prefer to have the conventional chat functionality, Gmail allows them to revert back to the original chat box.
                  By now you should already get a hint about Gmail’s flexibility as a part of Google’s services. If you do, then you get it right. Throughout its development, Gmail sign up has been integrated with other Google products, like Google+, Drive, Docs, Contacts, Wallet, and the latest one, Calendar. All of them enrich Gmail’s services to always provide the most convenient e-mailing experience ever.
                  Gmail is also available for custom corporate e-mails for business purposes. This feature will create a personalized e-mail address using the name of your company; like instead of, for an example. In order to start using it, you do not have to go too far from where you create a personal Gmail sign up account. In Gmail’s home page, look for ‘For Work’ button on the top left row below the Google logo, which will take you to the main page of Gmail For Work. On the same page, click ‘Get Started’ button on the same place where you found it in the personal Gmail account page.  After being clicked, a similar Gmail sign up form will appear. This time, it will ask you the name of your company and the number of employees your company has. That is how simple it is.
                  Since Gmail sign up is also connected to other Google Services, you can also share files, schedules, information, and other important things just by doing it once. Previously we already talked about the Google+ Hangouts add on that enables you to conduct a video call. This video call feature in a personal Gmail sign up account will only be able to accommodate ten people at maximum, while the work account will fit fifteen people at one time. This is obviously a great advantage to commence meetings without having your employees in the same place.

Benefits of choosing Gmail as your e-mail service provider

                  Looking back at how easy Gmail sign up process is and all of the great features that are already mentioned before, it cannot be doubted that Gmail is really dedicated to provide the best e-mailing service out there. Even though big competitors like Yahoo! and Hotmail do not let their guard down, Gmail has put its effort to develop and widened its services in order to give the best possible experience and nicely organized utilities in digital telecommunication and technology. Compared to other e-mail client providers, there are features that are popular and widely used today, but Gmail sign up still has a pack of benefits that cannot be found in any of its competitors.
                  First of all, it is indeed Gmail’s neat and organized layout that becomes the site’s most favorable feature. Choosing it is not a bad idea because Gmail is like a personal assistant that is ready to serve you anytime, anywhere. Aside from its organizing system by using tabs and integration with Google+ circles, that search bar on the top of the page is something that other e-mail services do not have. Google’s algorithm in its search engine is no doubt the best as well, therefore Gmail’s search bar accuracy is already trusted.
                  The second one is the Google+ Hangouts integration. This is the first time you are able to not only sending and receiving mails but also texting people and even have a face to face talk via video chat. This is related to the third benefit, which is Google’s universal account. The wide variety of services and utilities that Google has combined with the ability to access all of them using only one account is proven as a great convenience. Furthermore, Google provides almost every highly favored service on the internet today, including social media, online storage, video streaming, maps and navigation, organizers, and many more; apart from its famous search engine. This becomes Gmail’s advantage since many of its elements rely on other Google services today. One of the handiest features is the actions that can be taken upon e-mail attachments. For example, users can save attachment files to their Drive storage or edit attached documents in Google Docs. Recently Google released their latest product, Inbox, which combines Gmail messages, Google Keep reminders, Hangouts chat, and Google Docs viewer.
                  As a consequence of being integrated with Google Drive storage, Gmail has the biggest storage among other e-mail service providers; not to mention that users can buy larger storages up to 30 terabytes. With that amount of storage in hand, you do not even need to worry about your inbox being full one day. Another feature that can only be found in Gmail is the attachment preview. This recently released function is unique and helpful since it shows the thumbnail of all attachments in users’ mail. For example, when a user opens a mail that has a picture file attached on it, he or she will be able to take a peek at the picture through its thumbnail.
                  Gmail labs, which has already been talked about before, is something unusual that is not commonly found in e-mail service provider, but Gmail tests its experimental services by using this approach to get a wider perspective on how users will react to them. All of these amazing features that have been mentioned are what makes Gmail different than any other e-mail clients. Furthermore, Gmail sign up steps are simple and do not take a long process to finish; for that reason, Gmail is a good e-mail client to start with.