Create Gmail - New Gmail account!

Gmail is the best popularity email service and the high growth of the world which is increasing the time to time for use. The benefits of this email web service are amazing. Decline with Yahoo!, Hotmail even AOL, people around the world more chosen Google’s service, because many devices from Google are a very simple way to follow and use. So, do with Gmail. Anyway, Create Gmail account is very easy and quick to create. Some of the benefits, if you use Gmail, are you can easily access to your other Google products like Google Drive, YouTube even Google Plus.

How to create a new Gmail account

First, you must open the website of Gmail. Click “Create an Account” buttoned which placed below the login box. You can create your own Google account if you create Gmail account and this is very easy to access the others, like you know, the products of Google, so the services too. Next step is catchy selected. You must choose your username. This “username” will come up with your username forever and ever, also you confidently happy to choose the best name you want.  There are two handy for your desired and amazing name that you must take and already keep in. Remember, if your username is available, Gmail service will ask you to change your username with the other name. So let the choose game begins!

The important step is you must fill your information life with required first and last from your complete name. You must fill your phone number, your gender, or your birthday. Don’t forget to enter your country which you rather and placed be if you want to accept email from elsewhere. Important to remember that your mobile phone number is used from Google to send you a text if you lose access to your account like forgotten your password.

Extra Gmail services

Complete the CAPTCHA is the verification tool that can ensure you to real people who create the account. You are not robots, right. Then, you must be selected your current position or place or location. Take your time to read all the entire privacy policy of what Google can so it can aware you. Check your personal and private information again. So, the box which is you agree to the term of Google. Next selected is to take you to your profile creation page and that is called Google+. Google+ is Google’s social network, which are many Google devices related and linked. You must see and read the guide to it for your precious information about how to get the most Google+ out. The remainder step is just clicking “next step” and “next step” once again. Finally, your account of Gmail has been created by your own. After that, you can click and visit any other of Google devices. Don’t worry, because you automatically can “logged in” in any Google sit where you visit no matter what.
Find Your Own Taste
The Create Gmail step is very simple way after you create your own account. The Gear icon in the top corner upper of your Gmail window is to display density options, such as cozy, comfortable and compact. Comfortable to have the larger space in Gmail between one to another email, while compact has the least space between each line of the email. In Gmail account, you can import the contacts of your friends that you have. You can export all your contacts from your old email such as CSV file or Outlook even your Apple contacts.