Gmail Change Password Steps

Password problem has been the most common issue to social media account or webmail account. Although it had been told to keep making it safe and remembered but it still becomes a general problem that actually should not happen. Gmail change password that is caused by hacking may be the rarest thing since Google itself has been reminding to their user to make tight privacy using active phone number so when we are hacked, it will be safe since it will need phone confirmation. The ridiculous thing is when we forget the password and then we need to change or reset it. What makes Google has a better feature on this issue is because they provide double verification to reset our password using security question and phone confirmation. When we forget those things, we may lose our Gmail account. That is why we need to give authentic data when we were registering to Google to prevent such problem related with the password issue.

Gmail 2-steps verification makes more secure

A year ago, it was the first time for Google to introduce 2-step verification when we are going to use another PC to sign in to our Gmail account. Google claims that this feature is really working well for a hacking issue. So as the user, we will be able to get bad people out of our account. This 2-step verification will ask us to put the password as usual, answering a security question and the code given through SMS in phone we have registered. This is also a reminder when we are going to be a user of Gmail than put the active number on that to prevent this thing.  It may be the most brilliant solution for a hacking issue then there will be no complaints to Gmail change password due to hacking. If it is compared to other webmail providers, this may be the vest feature that Google has for their email. Despite there will be other upgrades, this 2-step verification may run well for years.

How to change Gmail password

 If we want to get our Google account after getting hacked then we just need to jump into Gmail-forget password then fill any black space asked by Google. Here are the steps;

For common password change

  1. Sign in to Google account like usual
  2. Jump into setting of account
  3. Click the Accounts and Import
  4. Choose “Change Your Password”
  5. Then the last, submit current password, new password and confirm new password

For resetting password
It usually happens when we forget the password because we rarely use the account. When there is important document or email, it will be daunting task when we cannot remember any single thing related to password of Google account that is why we need special Gmail change password that requires more conditions to continue reset password. Here are the steps

  1. Click “Forget Password”
  2. Fill the username and password on page of assistance in Google
  3. Submit the current phone number that has been registered on Gmail account that we have forgotten the password
  4. Wait the code
  5. Submit the code asked
  6. Type new password