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In order to stay ahead of the curve, keeping pace with the advancement of technology is undoubtedly important. The first thing that must be included in the must-do list to stay ahead of the curve is by owning an email address where it is strongly recommended to use Gmail. Gmail is basically one of the leading email providers that are able to be found on the internet. It has been a first choice for some people who might include some of us for sending and achieving email. Gmail is affiliated with one of the search engine behemoth on the internet which is Google where it surely makes us easier to access many things on Google using our Gmail account. Sending and achieving email by using Gmail has been proven to be faster than other email providers. We also do not need to load our Gmail page for a long time since some email providers tend to have a long loading time just to load our emails. If we are not really familiar with English as the main language, we can simply change the main language while using Gmail which makes us easier to understand all choices in our Gmail account page.

The Main Use of Gmail

Gmail also is widely known for its strong affiliation with another behemoth of smartphone operating system, Android. If we happen to have a gadget either it is a smartphone or tablet, we will discover that it is a must to have Gmail account. Why? Because it is basically what we need to register ourselves as the owner of the gadget and also as the requirement to download apps and games in the android play store. Therefore, the number of people that choose Gmail as their main email provider has risen significantly since this world has entered the new dimension of what’s so called as the smartphone era.

Steps to make a new Gmail account

Some people may find it easy to start using Gmail where it is relatively easy and simple. However, some other people may find some difficulties in starting to use Gmail. Therefore, in here we are going to give some useful information that may help people in setting up their own Gmail where it is going to be explained step by step.The first step to set our own Gmail is by making signing up to Gmail. In order to do that, we need to visit and click the signup button. Soon after that, we need to fill all the required data in order to make our Gmail address. Need to be known that we must fill all the given space with our real data to avoid bad consequences in the future. Once we have set up our email address, we can log into our Gmail page by using the username and password that we have created before.

Gmail sign in & sign up

There is, however, a possibility that some people are having trouble in differentiating between Gmail account sign up and Gmail account sign in. Well, it is not surprising since the name is similar between one and the other. Gmail account sign in is basically the choice that we want to choose if we want to log into our account once we have made our Gmail account whereas the sign up button is for making a new Gmail account. By clicking the Gmail account signin button, we will be urged to fill the given spaces with our username and password and once we do that, we will be immediately transferred to our Gmail account. In conclusion, it is fairly easy to start using Gmail where we need to make our own Gmail account first.