Gmail Account Sign Up - Create now!

Having an email is a must nowadays since email has simplified many processes. Starting from a recruitment process of big companies until a direct payment that can be done through email. The benefits in having email are certainly outweighed the drawbacks of not having email hence having email account is a must. If we don’t have any email accounts then we can try to make one where the first step that must be taken is to choose the most suitable email provider for us. Actually every email provider works similarly but there are some advantages that we can acquire by using a certain email provider.

Why would I want to sign up for Gmail?

Gmail is one of the most recommended email providers which is known for many amazing features. We can set up our own Gmail account without having to pay whatsoever. Gmail account sign up is basically the first step that we need to do to make the Gmail account. We will find the signup button once we visit By clicking the signup button, it will redirect us immediately to the next step which is to fill the signup form.  The form consists of several spaces that must be filled with our personal data starting from our name, birthday and other data.  It is very important not to falsify our personal data since it may lead us to some difficulties in the future. In the process of Gmail account sign up, it is also important to have a strong password. By strong it means that it is hard to be known by the “internet criminals.

Steps to make a new Gmail account

Once we have filled all the required data, it is advised to see all the terms and conditions to avoid any mistakes while using our own Gmail account.  Congratulations, we have set our Gmail account and now it is ready to use but hang on a second since there are some additional stuffs that we need to do although we can skip it. The first additional stuff is to set our own photo where the main purpose is to make other people easier to recognize us. Nevertheless, if we are not interested to set the photo, we can skip this part. Another additional stuff is to click the “get started” button after we have either set our photo in our Gmail account or skipped that part. This “get started” button will take us to a quick tour that will introduce us to many things about Gmail. It is suggested to click that button for some of us who are still new in operating our Gmail account. Again, this part can be ignored as we continue to open our Gmail account to send and receive email(s).

How to login to Gmail?

Again, congratulations for finishing all the steps in making Gmail account, we have completely finished to Gmail account sign up. Now we move to another thing to do which is to check both our username and password and to find our either one of them is right or not. All we have to do is to click the “sign in” button and fill the username and password. If we have successfully logged into our account then our username and password are right.
While we are on our Gmail account, there are some changes that we can make just in case we are bored with the current settings. For example, we are able to change the color of our account’s theme since Gmail provides many choices. We are also able to add contacts from our friends just to make it easier to send or receive an email. All in all, setting up our Gmail account is truly a must if we are willing to keep pace with the advancement of technology.