Gmail - Create a new account for free!

The E-mail is such an important thing that is used by people all around the world on a daily basis. If you do not have any e-mail account, you will have a hard time to enter the real professional or educational work out there. That is why you need to have an e-mail for various purposes such as sending out an assignment or professional works. For all of that purposes, Gmail is the perfect choice for you. Being a leader in the e-mail industry, you can expect a variety of benefits in using Gmail account rather than different kinds of e-mail account. And now, we want to show you that Gmail create account is super easy for anyone who have internet account.

The Simple step of creating Gmail account

Do you know how easy a Gmail create account is compared to some of the other e-mail account out there? There is no need to feel like it is complicated especially knowing that there will not be any charge or fee to your guide. In this occasion, we will give you the detailed information on how to do the Gmail creates account step by step, thus you need to stay around for a while.
The first thing that you need to do to create a new Gmail account is visit their website. By clicking, you will be able to register a new account by filling out a certain type of form. On the form, you will be required to provide a basic personal detail such as your name, username, password, and your date of birth. This is required to distinguish your account that any other person’s out there. The next step is to verify your account through your mobile phone, which means that you will also need to offer them a mobile phone number when filling out the form.

The features after creating account

The first thing that you might be able to see when it comes to the benefit of using Gmail is their ability to be used freely. This includes all the features such as the amazing video calls that can be used alongside your friends and families. The video call feature is a multiple one, which means that you can chat or video call with several people at the same time. The chatting is also accompanied by a really adorable set of emoticon that you can see.
If you like the video call feature from the Gmail create account process, you will be pleased to know that the storage available on the site is worth around fifteen giga bytes. Whether you need to store a video or attachment to your boss or teacher, all can be done because fifteen giga bytes is such a huge size for an e-mail. Another benefit to be enjoyed is the ability of opening Gmail from any place that you want through your mobile phone. In order to do that, you are going to need to download the mobile app through an android app store or apple app store.