Gmail Email - Visit your Gmail account inbox!

When we are talking about Gmail email then there will be lots of discussions related to this superb webmail provider.  Throwing back 9 years ago, Yahoo has been the number one webmail provider and Outlook was in same race for the webmail competition but since there is Smart Phone based Android, Google reaches fantastic number of user register. In 2012, there were more than 420 million people registered to Gmail and it is claimed to increase the number in last 2 years since the more days come, the more needs for emailing. Although it has been developed so much, but some people still use Yahoo as they have been stayed for years with Yahoo. Fact tells that now many Yahoo users use Gmail at the same time for a different purpose also. Some people claim that this is the current best if it is seen from the security they provide and the composition tools they give such as one connection to other Google services, interface, good filters and others.

Why choose Gmail email?

If we are asked about what is the most annoying thing in the email, then maybe most of us will answer spamming as the most annoying issue in email. Back then, we needed to delete suspected email as a spam but now with Gmail, we just need to wait and then let Google detect whether it is spam or not. They also usually do not delete spam since not all spam is spam, but there might be something important in spam. For handling spam, Gmail email may be the best. Besides spamming issue, Google also has excellent features related to virus and malware. Google uses powerful and thorough malware and virus scanning to protect our personal computer safe from a virus. It is good to know that ever year there is upgrade for email scanning. The fact from this protection after this is that we do not need to worry on our Anti-Virus software when it does not work well or just out of from update then Anti-Virus Software cannot scan viruses on email because Google has worked for it.

Making your Gmail Email account!

 The steps to register a new account in Gmail email may be the simplest and the easiest. What we have to do when we are going to make Google account is the validity of our data to keep our account in good work and prevent any possibility related with hacking. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to and jump right into “Create New Account”
  2. Fill the blank space asked by Google
  3. When it comes to phone verification, fill the active phone number to prevent our account from hacking and keep it from bad guys who want to steal our Gmail account.
  4. Make sure that the phone number is remembered as well as we keep our phone in mind.
  5. Verify the account through code given in SMS
  6. Gmail account is ready to use

Gmail is the coolest webmail providers seeing its great features that none has the same like Google mail. Hence, just make it in a proper way then we will get comfort for years with Gmail.