Gmail Login Password - Choose a secure password!

If we are looking for the easiest thing to keep pace with the advancement of technology in today’s era then it should be owning our own email address. It is because we only need to spare a little time for making an email account. The need to have an email account is irreplaceable since every kind of business has been using the internet as the main media to do most of their works. Email account acts as our representative on the internet where it allows us to interact with other people either for business purpose, recruitment purpose, or other purposes.  Therefore, email is a must-have “item” nowadays.  Choosing the email provider that fits our needs is sometimes tricky since there are many aspects to be considered. Actually, creating lots of email accounts with different email provider is not against the laws but maintaining all of it is not easy. Having one main email account would be wiser hence we are able to maintain it well. Hence, we need to choose between Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Live, and any other email providers that are mostly provided free of charge on the internet.

Gmail as your safe Email provider

Amongst those choices, it is suggested to make Gmail as our main email provider. Despite the fact that Yahoo is much older email provider but the strong rooted affiliation between Gmail with other behemoths on the internet-related industries such as Google as the most-used search engine, Android as the most-used gadget’s operating system, Youtube, Play store, and many other has made Gmail to be an email provider with one of the highest number of users. Therefore, having a Gmail account really worth it with all benefits that are offered.

Create a new Gmail account first

Making our own Gmail account would be the first step to enjoying all the benefits in Gmail. In order to do that, we need to visit to sign up. The process is actually more or less the same with other email providers where the first thing to do is to fill the given space on the signup form with our personal data. Name, date and place of birth, gender, and password are stuffs that are required to be filled before we move on the next step. Please keep in mind that all the data that we have inputted must be real hence we won’t face any difficulties anytime in the future.

In here we would like to remind you how important it is to put many considerations before deciding our Gmail login password. Learning from the past experiences where countless Gmail accounts were hacked, having a strong and easy-to-be-memorized password is truly a must. Sometimes we do look the need to have a good password in Gmail with total disdain but it turns to be a wrong attitude. Having a strong password means that we care to protect our privacy from other people on the internet.

How to pick your Gmail login password

Gmail has some tips that are strongly recommended to be used by everyone who uses Gmail. The first on is that the Gmail login password must be unique and different with another password in other accounts. This is important which is to avoid being hijacked totally since the hijacker is able to invade to all of our accounts because of the same password. Another tip is to make a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols in our Gmail login password. By applying the combination, the hijacker will find it harder to interpret our password. The number of character of the password is suggested to be equal or more than eight, again, the purpose is to avoid being hijacked.  Updating our password either monthly or annually is also advised which is to ensure our privacy.