Gmail Login - Sign in to your account!

E-mail has become one of the most important things to have in this world of modern technology. Since the decrease in popularity about using regular mailing, e-mail is definitely the replacement for that. Along with that fact, we have now plenty of companies which provide so many e-mails such as yahoo mail, AOL, Gmail, and so many others. Among that entire e-mail brand, Gmail has become one of the most popular ones for so many reasons. One of the examples of its advantage than another e-mail is that it is very easy to do a Gmail login process. Here it is all things that you need to know about Gmail.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is an e-mail company which operates within the Google, one of the biggest search engine companies out there. Since the development of e-mail, Gmail has been the number, if not the number one free e-mail provider on the internet. For so many reasons, the company has become a front-runner in the world of online technology because it is free to use. If you haven’t got one Gmail account, maybe it is time for you to make another account. And for those who do not understand the login process of Gmail, here is the step by step process to make and to login into Gmail.

Gmail login process 1: Creating account

Before you can proceed to the Gmail login process, first you will need to make the account. The first thing to do is that you need to head into the site that is at After that, you should be able to find on the top right of the page a button that is written as “create an account”. In doing so, you will be directed into the next page to fill out all of the information forms. All of these information forms are about your personal details in which you have to fill in. Once you have done so, there will be a message sent to your mobile phone in order for you to verify it. The last verification step would make it official that you have a Gmail account.
Now that you have a Gmail account on your hand, you will practically be directed into the main page of your e-mail, thus you won’t need any types of login. But if you want to learn how to do all the Gmail login process properly, we can teach you how. But first, you will need to log out from your already opened mail and back to the main page of Gmail.

Gmail login process 2: The Simple step

Gmail login is actually not that difficult as it does not require so many steps like the other e-mail provider. The first thing to be done is to click the sign in button on the top right of the Gmail home page. In doing that, you will be directed into the login page which comes in the shape of simple form. There will be two boxes where you can put your username and your password. The two of them is a vital thing to be filled if you want to finish your Gmail login. If you forget about either your username or your password, do not panic. There will be a small link that said “forgot password” in which you can click if you actually forget your password or username.
When you forget your username or password, the site will ask you a several question in which both the question and answer you already knew. It is usually the name of your pet, your mom’s maiden name, the street where you grew up, and so many others. Once you answer the question, you will be e-mailed a new set of the password to your e-mail in which you can change later if you need it.
Back to the original Gmail login process, you will be directed into your own home page after filling out the username and password. Once you do that, you can start utilizing all the features and benefits from the e-mail. If you want to log out from your own account, you can just click the logout button on the top right of the page. And after that, you will be directed into the main page as a sign that you have already logged out.

Benefits and features of Gmail compared to other e-mail services
There are several benefits on using Gmail compared to the other e-mail provider. The easiest example would be the fact that it is free to use, unlike some other e-mail providers that will charge you on a monthly basis. Despite it being free, it does not mean that the Gmail is lacking compared to the ones that are charging you. All the features that are being presented by Gmail can be enjoyed after you finish your Gmail login. And all of these features are free of charge yet possess such a high quality.
Next, the benefit of using Gmail than any other e-mail is the fact that it has a lot more storage than, at least, the other free e-mail provider. The total storage space that you can own with the Gmail storage is two gigs in total. And two gigs is such a huge storage size if all you need is just regular e-mail writing. Therefore, Gmail is such a compatible e-mail provider to be used for professional, educational, and personal purposes. Other than storing your regular e-mail, you can also store your chat message and also an attachment that you have from other users. If you find out that the storage is almost full, you can always delete your old messages easily.

Chatting devices
One of the most interesting features on Gmail that you can have after Gmail login is that you can do chat with fellow Gmail users. Thus, you can enjoy online chatting with your online friends every time you feel like it. Even the chatting is highly enjoyable with the help of cute emoticons and stickers to make the chatting session even more alive.
Other than regular chat, you can also do a video chat with multiple Gmail users all over the world. And the good news is that you can chat with other people who use different devices such as apple or android devices. All of these chatting and video calls can be done without any charge required. Thus, it will make maintaining relations with your loved ones a lot easier and definitely a lot cheaper.

Can be found practically everywhere
The good thing about using Gmail than any other provider is that you can use it on different types of devices. You can use the device not just in your personal computer or on your laptop. Nowadays, you can also use it in your mobile phone especially if you have smart phones like iPhone or android. You can download a special app of google mail through the apple store or android store for free. Once you install it within your smart phones, you can actually use it everywhere as long as there is an internet connection. You can do the Gmail login process just the same like you do on your computer. You just need to enter the username and password, and you can go check your e-mail form any place that you are.

Offline is also possible
Even if you do not have any internet connection, you can still check your e-mail account using the app called Gmail gear. You can download this gear which is a browser extension provided by browsers such as Mozilla and chrome. Once you have this extension on your browser, you will be able to open your e-mail on your browser even when there is no internet connection. Of course you will not be able to receive or send an e-mail on this condition, but it will be worthy if you need to check some of your e-mail for various purposes.

Google features are also available
Another benefit that you can have by doing the Gmail login is the fact that you can use google search engine just like when you open the main page of google. On the top center of your e-mail page, there will be a web search button in which you can click when you need to search something on the web. Other than that, you will be able to search your own e-mail with the button next to the web search. The mail search button is dedicated to search a certain e-mail that you have when you need to do so. Unless you have deleted that specific e-mail, you will be able to search it through the search engine.
All of the e-mail that is stored on your google mail can be seen at different times. You can mark the e-mail as important, flagged, unread, and many other features that you have to check for yourself. All of the features that are capable of being enjoyed after doing the Gmail login would be highly satisfying. Create your own account now and make the best out of the Gmail account now.