How to create new Gmail account - complete guide!

If you are an avid internet user, you must know a thing or two about google mail or simply called Gmail. As you might know, in this era of technology, all kinds of activity such as professional or education require the use of e-mail. And when it comes to e-mail, Gmail is leading by far compared to others free e-mail provider. If you do not have already a Gmail account, maybe it is the right time for you to create new Gmail account. Creating a new Gmail account is generally very easy, although if you are confused with it, we are here to help you create your own Gmail account.

Step-by-step Creating Gmail account

So if you need to create new Gmail account, you need to read this following article very carefully. There are several simple steps to make Gmail account in just an instant of a time. First, head out to the Gmail website which is When the page is opened, you will see on top of the page on the right side, there will be a “create an account” button. You need to click it in order to start your e-mail making right now.
Once you clicked it, the page will redirect you into a new page where you can fill out your detailed information. There are several details that you need to fill out such as your desired username, password, date of births, and several others. This will help you to login later when you need to do so. By the end of the signing up process, you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number to verify your e-mail. You will not be able to use your e-mail before you finish the verification process. Once you have verified, you can start using your e-mail right away.

Benefits and Features on Gmail

You can enjoy different features on your Gmail account after you create new Gmail account on their site. Some of the features on Gmail will not be able to be found others than in google mail itself. For starter, there is going to be a chatting feature on your e-mail that you can enjoy with all of you friends, noting that they also use Gmail. Other than chatting, Gmail also provides video call which can be used with more than two persons at once.
At the top of it all, the calls and chat will not be charged with a single penny. Another benefit that can be enjoyed through creating a Gmail account is its capability to store more than fifteen giga bytes files. All of the storage spaces are given by the google mail company for free and can be used according to your liking. You can mark your unread e-mail and those that you want to keep for a long time. Whether you are using Windows or an apple laptop, Gmail will be compatible to be opened in your browser. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access your e-mail at any time that you want.