Login to Gmail by visiting www.gmail.com

Google has been the strongest search engine that has countless features and business in digital marketing. They have been through phenomenal year after Yahoo dominance before 2004 then in that year Google came up and raised in 2012 when Android becomes one of the best operating system in phone where Google became the one who created that. In 2010 Android is still competing to Blackberry but however since 2012 when Android becomes phenomenal the number of Google user raised skyrocketing. Yahoo and Google is great search engine but it seems Google comes more forward than Yahoo. Although both search engines have feature as webmail providers but it has been too long debate to decide which one is better but as this is not a comparison between Gmail and Yahoo, I will give some opinions regarding to www.gmail.com.  Although it is not my personal subjectivity but just let’s have some facts relating to this webmail provider.

Why pick www.gmail.com as my e-mail provider?

Despite there are complaints on privacy of Google between user to www.gmail.com but let’s just say that it is personal issue between user and the provider then security issue between one person to another person will be far important. Google has been the first webmail provider that uses phone number to verify account then we can use double security when we are going to log in to Gmail account. Gmail is one of the hardest one to hack for its high security. Security is not only about how we can cover our personal information linking to our account, it is also about the spam that can harsh our email account. www.gmail.com can be the best in securing our account from spam. It will not let us to click spam email right after we receive the email.
www.gmail.com also gives us great security on phishing and virus protection since it is not allowed to download any attachment before the virus scanning. Virus on email had been serious issue in 2012 when most of people complain on infection of virus from email. Then every webmail providers come well with virus scanner on the email. One of the best powers behind better security on Google is its HTTPS as the way to protects email from eye prying with encrypted and authenticated communication. The technology of HTTPS is as well as the technology used by bank or credit card provider.

The Gmail.com features after creating account

Another reason why www.gmail.com has been the current best webmail provider is its composition tools that can give us more features relating to storage, interface, filters and others. Google gives us 15GB storage for emails and we can also save other files to their cloud system in Google Drive. Google Drive and Google Docs now are merged so it can give us ease to access files we have stored. It is the biggest from the other webmail providers. This can also give great assistance for schools or students members to access the same file needed.

The other composition tools in www.gmail.com are its interface, conversations and filters. The interface comes with cooler display and beside its joyful appearance, the conversations are organized wells so we can know who says certain thing on the conversations and listing things we have talked with our colleague. The filters also come well since we can divide our email directly from the inbox, code through color, give star to certain important emails and others. That is why it is easy to organize anything in www.gmail.com

What makes www.gmail.com is so lovely is its connection to other account which Google has like for YouTube for those who are YouTube Video Maker or just YouTube fans, Google play for those who are now developing apps in play store or to download apps, Google plus for those who are active in Google Social media and others. So we just need one account to access all Google services. Although it has just started few years ago, but this connection has been favorite service from www.gmail.com
Indeed there are countless webmail providers but the big name of Google makes the product of Google become dependable and considerable to be best webmail providers. We need no fee to become user on www.gmail.com and we still also can get the best organizations and easy operation to have this email on Google.